From elementary school hallways to college dorms, kids can be abusive. While we’d like to think that students are concentrating only on what they learn in the classroom, let’s face it, sometimes they have other ideas.

You may not want to stifle the creativity of a young mind, but you probably do want to clean it up. The finish products we represent are stain resistant, durable, and, in most cases, spot reparable. From wall finishes to lockers, we have the products that will last and pass the test of time.

It’s Not the Initial Installation; It’s the Cost Over Time.

With everyone watching the way every dollar is spent, it’s good to know that INEX Architectural products are also very economical. All are designed to last 3-4 times longer than alternative products. Since maintenance and repairs are quick and easy, the maintenance staff is free to focus on other critical tasks.

Sample Educational Product Applications:


Newmat is a pliable ceiling structure that is an excellent alternative to suspended ceilings.  Newmat ceilings allow endless configurations including curves and angle shapes.



Pittcon is a leading manufacturer of column covers, light coves, drywall/plaster trim, decorative metals, and vaulted ceilings.  Pittcon is an excellent source to many design needs.


A collection of versatile, fabric panels used to define, reconfigure and highlight interior spaces. With hundreds of designs, available in 16 standard colors, design solutions are limitless.


Clipso Stretch Ceilings:

This technical urethane coated fabric is used as Wall and Ceiling panels providing special shapes, acoustical values and both form and function. Great to print on and is available in widths of up to 17’.  This is a very versatile and very cost effective solution.


Crafton Coatings:

Crafton Coatings specializes in green architectural coating products including: Crafton, Crafton Plus, Crafton Metallic and Ferroxtone. Crafton is a low VOC, non-flammable, multicolored spray applied wall coating system. Crafton’s water-based and odorless coating is soft and fabric like to the touch. Crafton Coatings has over 1,400 standard color available, as well as custom color options upon request.  Click here to see finish options for Crafton Coatings.

Please continue to browse INEX for endless options of interior finishes.

“Glow” Marker Board Panels

Dry-Erase certified, Markerboard GLOW Panels make your walls and work space a collaborative environment. Utilizing a proprietary multi-layered acrylic material bonded to a Premium MDF core, GLOW Panels feature an impeccably flawless surface consistency with a color richness that enhances depth and clarity. With high chemical and stain resistance, Markerboard GLOW Panels are the most scratch resistant acrylic panels in the market.  Click here to see color options and specifications.

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