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INEX Architectural Products offers rubber Athletic Flooring, Entrance Mats/Grates and other specialty flooring.

Pawling Entrance Mats/Grates

Pawling’s line of Pro-Tek® Entrance Mats and Gratings offers a wide variety of options for all types of applications. The goal is a functional system that contains moisture and debris on a continual basis. A well-designed system plays a vital role in providing a safe, clean and attractive entryway and interior environment. With a multitude of colors, frame materials, and layout options to choose from, Pro-Tek® Entrance Mats and Gratings can meet the needs of all commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.


Pawling Athletic Flooring

Pawling’s Pro-Tek® premium line of athletic flooring products provides outstanding performance and exceptional design flexibility. Use our unique hidden interlock system to create a myriad of design options while protecting floors, equipment and machinery within your facility. Our versatile rubber tiles protect your floors in heavy-duty free weight areas and provide comfort and slip-free safety in aerobics studios. Pawling’s Pro-Tek® line has the flooring you need for all your flooring applications.


Pulp Studio Glass Flooring

Pulp Studio provides unlimited design capabilities that can achieve unique options for each specific job.


Parklex Wood Flooring

Parklex is an international manufacturer of architectural phenolic paneling. Parklex provides contemporary application solutions for  flooring. Parklex surfaces are made from 100% natural wood that comes in a variety of finishes and colors in natural and dyed panels.






ECOfusion is an aptly named and dynamic new line of flooring. ECOfusion flooring products blend renewable and recyclable products from the earth and “fuse” them into innovative flooring solutions for the home.

We take products such as renewable bamboo and recycled hardwood scraps from furniture factories and turn them into beautiful flooring fashion.

Benefits of ECOfusion Flooring:

  • Contribute to LEED
  • 35 Year Warranty
  • Exclusive Color Fusing
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Solid Woods & Engineered Woods
  • Made from rapidly renewable resources
  • Now VOC’s
  • 34 Standard Colors








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