Specialty Venues

Stadiums, Fine Art Auditoriums, Airports and Convention Centers take and abundance of use and abuse. People are constantly traveling in and out in large numbers. This creates a tremendous strain on these facilities and intensifies the importance of using products that can withstand the abuse, while being able to create and inviting ambience. We can provide a wide range of products that not only fit the bill, but will prove to be a shining star.

Ceiling to Floor, Wall to Wall

We provide the most durable wall finishes, bathroom stalls and even concessions stands available. From specialty acoustical products, to a variety of finishes and surfaces, we can help provide the best product to solve any problem.


Clipso Stretch Ceiling Systems:

This Technical urethane coated fabric is used as Wall and Ceiling panels providing special shapes, acoustical values and both form and function. Great to print on and is available in widths of up to 17’.  This is a very versatile and very cost effective solution Click here to learn more about Clipso.




Newmat PVC Stretch Ceiling Systems:

Pliable ceiling structures that are an excellent alternative to suspended ceilings.  Newmat ceilings allow endless configurations including curves and angle shapes.  To learn more about Newmat, click here.



Pittcon Industries:

A leading manufacture of  column covers, light coves, drywall/plaster trim, decorative metals, vaulted ceilings.  Pittcon is an excellent source to many design needs.  To learn more about Pittcon, click here.






Recent Clients:

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