Exterior Glass Installation

Specialty Glass

We can offer a wide variety of specialty glass options. Whether you are looking for exterior glass facades, rain screen cladding, thermal conductive glass or glass sun shades, INEX can direct you in the newest ways to achieve a dynamic and interesting exteriors with the use of glass.

Digital Print Capabilities:

SentryGlas® Expressions™ (SGX), is a patented Dupont technology. The images are printed onto a PVB substrate. One of the major benefits of this system is its ability to remain sustainable in direct sunlight. Although it can be used for both interior and exterior installations, it does have the advantage of exterior sustainability over other products in the marketplace. The images can be printed in white, the maximum printable width is 96”.

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Thermal Conductive Glass:

Chromavision™ was created with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Its futuristic composition lends characteristics that are both appealing to the eye and efficient in its performance.

Chromavision™ utilizes high precision fabrics as a substrate for its unique metallic coating. When applied to just one side of the fiber mesh, the metallic coating displays a lustrous reflective look.

Additionally the reflective nature of the coating has a significant influence on thermal conductivity to the opposite side of the glass. The reverse side of the fabric is neutral in color and provides the feel of a pleasantly shaded room with one-way vision to the exterior

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Insulated Glass Units:

The Ombra™ insulated glass unit was developed for exterior glazing applications using a architectural wire mesh core that offers excellent shading performance. Ombra™ offers the benefits of both visual privacy and a visible light transmittance of up to 50%.

In addition, Ombra™ is able to achieve a solar heat gain coefficient superior to that of other insulated glass units without the need for tinted, reflective or specialty glass. This dramatically reduces climate control requirements and results in significant energy savings over the life of a building.

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