Exterior Ventilated “Rain Screen” Facade


FunderMax building grade phenolic panels are specially modified HPL which comply to applicable building codes with additional, extremely effective, weather protection. FunderMax is AC92 ICC certified, which means all major performance test have been performed and accepted. The advantages are numerous but include the following:

• Many Colors, Metals and digital graphics • Resistant to Acid rain • Keeps building interiors quieter • Mold and mildew resistant • Provides a breathable Facade • Easy to install • Contributes to LEED credits.
















CEU seminars are available for this product. Click here for brief e-presentation and here for specifications. www.architectssurfaces.com

Parklex Phenolic Paneling System

Parklex is an international manufacturer of architectural phenolic paneling and wood panel systems. Parklex provides contemporary application solutions for facades, walls, ceilings, and floorings. Parklex surfaces are made from 100% natural wood that comes in a variety of finishes and colors in natural and dyed panels. The entire Parklex line is classified according to the new European standard EN 13.501-1:2002 regarding reaction to fire, obtaining the best results possible for organic materials. Parklex products are also moisture resistant, UV radiation and weathering resistant, and scratch /abrasion resist

  • Moisture Resistant
  • UV Radiation Resistant
  • Weathering Resistant
  • Scratch/ Abrasion Resistant
  • EN 13.501-1:2002 Fire Reaction
  • Acoustic Absorption
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy Installation
  • Natural Wood

Our concern for sustainable production that is respectful of the environment has earned Parklex the guarantee of PEFC certification. Parklex’s constant work and dedication in all areas of development and production are combined to offer a product and service that meets the standards of even.


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