Interior Products

We routinely search and travel the world (Tuff job I know!) for innovative, creative and functional products that are environmentally sensitive, sustainable and have a long life cycle. With over 25 years of experience and product knowledge, we can assist you in providing a turn key solution to achieve the impact and create the statement your project deserves. We can also assist with the installation of our entire product portfolio… matter where the project is!

Textured Wall Finishes:

Soelberg 3D Panels-(GA,AL,TN) Prefinished sculptured panels in hundreds of color/texture options-Made in UT and KY

MirroFlex-(AL,TN,TN)Mirror Flex Structures are deeply 3D lightweight  textured Wall and ceiling panels-Made in NC

Crafton Coatings – (AL, GA, MS, TN) Multi-color spray applied seamless finishes- Texas

Permatone – (AL, AR, GA,N.FL, MS,TN) Interior & Exterior textured wall coatings -Made in Texas

High Pressure Laminates

NuMetal-AL,GA,TN) NuMetal is a collection of Laminates with a an actual thin metal surface perfect for wallcovering, wall panels and ceilings. Stocked in NC

Arpa USA – (AL,AR,GA,MS,NC,SC,TN) Laminates, HPLs, &  phenolic panels- Stocked in SC,NJ

Laminati USA – (AL, GA, TN) Over 400 laminate options from Italy -Stocked in Miami

Fenix-(AL,GA,TN,SC,NC) A Revolutionary low reflectivity, soft touch matt surface anti-fingerprint and Thermal healing-Stocked in SC

Wood Paneling Systems:

Acoustigreen – (AL, GA, TN) Acoustical wood wall systems. -Made in MN

Bark House – (AL, GA, TN) Real wood panels and laminates-NC

Parklex – (AL, GA, NC, SC, TN) Interior/Exterior wood veneer panels with phenolic cores-Socked in NJ

Soelberg Industries – (AL, GA, TN) Textured 3D sculptured wall panel/divider systems- Made in UT and KY

Decorative Glass/ Resins

Decorative Glass-(AL, GA, TN) Inex Architectural Products has a variety of glass solutions.

LuxCore-(AL,GA,TN) Class A FRP laminates custom imaged with ATI’s Fusion Tech process-Made in NC)

Impact Protection

Pawling – (GA) Impact protection systems, athletic flooring, entrance mats-Made in NY

Specialty Ceilings

MirroFlex-(AL,GA,TN) Drop-in or glue -up ceiling tiles in many colors and patterns including Old World Tiles-NC

Clipso – (AL, GA, MS, TN) Stretch urethane coated fabric ceiling systems-Stocked in NY

Fabritos – (AL, GA, TN) Versatile, fabric panel ceiling system- Made in GA

Newmat – (AL, GA, TN) Pliable stretch ceiling systems- Stocked in NY

Acoustigreen-(AL,GA,TN) Wood Ceiling systems, Grills- Made in MN

Column Covers

Pittcon – (AL, GA, TN) Column covers, light coves, decorative metals-Made in NY


ECOfusion – (AL,GA,TN) Renewable and recycled wood flooring-NC

Parklex – (AL, GA, NC, SC, TN) Interior/Exterior wood veneer panels with phenolic cores, creates highly durable flooring.-NY

Pawling Athletic Flooring – (GA) Highly durable rubber athletic flooring. -NY

Pawling Entrance Mats – (GA) Highly durable entrance mats, roll back mats, drains, etc.-NY

Glass Flooring — (AL, GA, TN) ADA, non slip, glass flooring.

Speciality Lighting & Accessories

Clipso – (AL, GA, MS, TN) Stretch urethane coated translucent fabric ceiling systems-NY

Newmat – (AL, GA, TN) Pliable ceiling systems that reflect and refract light, working as a lense to evenly distribute light across the ceiling.-NY

Lumisplash – (AL, GA, TN) LED edge lighting system with ultra-thin panel…ideal for Signage, Graphics, Tables ect -NC

Surface Treatments

Durat – (AL, GA, TN) Ecological seamless solid surface material

Meld – (AL, GA, TN) ) Recycled glass, concrete solid surface material

Statement Collection

Ambro – (AL, GA, TN) Wood panels

Luminoso – (AL, GA, TN) Fiber optic embedded Wood Panels

Lucem – (AL, GA, TN) Fiber optic embedded concrete

Mixed Up Mosaics – (AL, GA, TN) Hand cut glass mosaics






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