Special Lighting & Effects

In conjunction with our manufacturing and installation partners, INEX can assist in creating custom lighting,  fire and water effects, furniture and signage for both interior and exterior applications.


CLIPSO® is a stretch fabric designed to provide top-end visual and acoustical solutions. Our wide range of coverings offers a variety of colors and types: acoustic, anti-microbial, translucent, printable, antibacterial, dirt-repellent and water-repellent. Perfect to back light and add an extra edge to your design.



Newmat’s primary product line consists of monolithic PVC membranes available in numerous colors and finishes, which are ideal for unlimited applications due to the characteristics of the system, including custom lighting solutions.


Pulp Studio’s Glo Lightwall

The is produced by combing high intensity LEDs with a patented system which allows light to be transmitted uniformly and evenly across the surface of the pane. The low profile of the lighting panel allows us to produce units as narrow as 1″ with perfectly balanced lighting across he panel without any hot spots. To learn more about GLO Lightwall, click here.




Lucem light transmitting concrete appears in various applications as an elegant and modest light source. Lucem translucent concrete is produced using high density concrete that is imbedded with fiber optics. It is a highly versatile surfacing material that is suitable for interior and exterior application. Use Lucem for any project, from hospitality to healthcare and retail to commercial. Lucem is a great application for bars, flooring, divider walls, architecture focal walls, and exteriors.



Luminoso takes premium cuts of wood and treats them in a new light, embedding fiber-optic waveguides between 2 layers of your preferred wood species. This creates a fully sealed surface for use as flooring, wall partitions, ceiling work, furniture and screens. Luminoso is great for hospitality, retail, and corporate environments.The applications for architecture and interior design are numerous and diverse, with even the basic Luminoso panel creating a unique canvas for shadow-play and interaction between different spaces.


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Custom Lighting

Since 1991, LUMID has distinguished itself as a premier custom lighting manufacturer, providing custom, specialized design and manufacturing capacity to the architectural and lighting industries.




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