Healthcare has the attention of the nation. Facilities strive to keep medical costs down while maintaining a high standard of care. We can assist with this challenge.

We take a special interest in providing products that are not only easy to maintain, but are able to stand the abuse typically found in high-use areas. Our products are proven to resist stains from ordinary chemicals, blood, betadyne and cleaning agents. Mold, mildew and bacterial growth are also inhibited. Our laboratory products are among the most chemical resistant in the industry.

Control Maintenance Cost

INEX, along with our sister company, Architectural Products Group (APG), and our contractor partners not only provide the highest quality products for healthcare, but can also help control cost by providing complete maintenance programs for the products within our portfolio. For a fraction of the initial installed cost, we can help keep facilities fresh and clean for years.

Sample Healthcare Product Applications:

Newmat Stretch Ceilings:

Newmat is a pliable ceiling structure that is an excellent alternative to suspended ceilings.  Newmat ceilings allow endless configurations including curves and angle shapes.

To learn more about Newmat, click here.










Pawling Wall Protection:

Pawling is a leading manufacturer of impact protection systems, entrance mats, and athletic flooring that can be found in a variety of settings, from hospital and colleges, to offices, casinos and warehouses. Pawling’s Pro-Tek systems feature an optional PETG material that is PVC and PBT free; Class A, non-halogenated fire retardant alternative compound to PVC. To learn more about Pawling Pro-Tek Systems, click here.











Specialty Glass:

Specialty glass allows for more personality and creativity to be introduced into a space. Pulp Studio glass provides laminated glass with fiber series, textures, colors, graphics, photographic elements and a variety of other substrates. Click here to learn more on how to achieve endless possibilities with glass.











Clipso Stretch Ceilings

This Technical urethane coated fabric is used as Wall and Ceiling panels providing special shapes, acoustical values and both form and function. Great to print on and is available in widths of up to 17’.  Clipso anti-bacteria material helps combat germs and mildew in the most harsh environments. This is a very versatile and very cost effective solution. Click here to learn more about Clipso Stretch Ceilings.






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Recent Clients:

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