Glow Markerboard Panels from Soelberg

Providing the perfect palette to both decorate your walls and communicate essential information, Soelberg’s Glow High Gloss Panels are a slick, seamless dry-erase solution.

Many designers are using Markerboard panels to create privacy between cubicles etc. because they can pull double duty in defining an office while being a great use of vertical space for professionals in the workplace.

Glow High Gloss Panels from Soelberg Industries

Constructed of multi-layered acrylic attached to a durable MDF core, Glow Panels are aesthetically pleasing and functional. The flawlessly smooth surface takes dry erase ink with sharp precision. Equally important, writing vanishes with a quick swipe-no ghosting or smudging.

Glow High Gloss Panels from Soelberg Industries

The hardcoat protection layer keeps the surface from being scratched, even under heavy use.

Glow High Gloss Panels from Soelberg Industries

Multiple colors are available, each with a richness that enhances depth and clarity.  For additional information, see Soelberg Industries.


Markerboard GLOW Panels Hardware: Zclip Harware or 1″ Standoff Hardware

Privacy GLOW Panels Hardware: Standing Base Hardware available in Black, White or Silver

ZClip Hardware

Standoff Hardware