Create your unique image as soon as your guests walk through your door! We constantly look for products that help distinguish you from your competition and us from ours! Specialty veneers from Italy, ceilings from France and art glass from Arizona are only a few of the items we have available to help you achieve uniqueness that customers won’t forget.

Textures, Form and Function, Aesthetics

These are the elements we consider when bringing new products to the market. It is imperative in the competitive hospitality environment that the first impression is a positive one. We have the products and installation knowledge that can create the image that will keep your occupancy rate high.

Sample Hospitality Product Applications:


Pliable ceiling structures that are an excellent alternative to suspended ceilings.  Newmat ceilings allow endless configurations including curves and angle shapes.










Clipso Stretch Ceilings:

This Technical urethane coated fabric is used as Wall and Ceiling panels providing special shapes, acoustical values and both form and function. Great to print on and is available in widths of up to 17’.  This is a very versatile and very cost effective solution.



A collection of versatile, fabric panels used to define, reconfigure and highlight interior spaces. With hundreds of designs, available in 16 standard colors, design solutions are limitless.



Parklex is an international manufacturer of architectural phenolic paneling. Parklex provides contemporary application solutions for facades, walls, ceilings, and flooring  Parklex surfaces are made from 100% natural wood that comes in a variety of finishes and colors in natural and dyed panels.












Please continue to browse INEX for endless options of interior finishes.

Recent Clients:





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