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Introducing Mixed-Up Mosaics



Mixed-Up Mosaics, a design company based out of New York, specializes in stained glass artwork. Striving to produce the newest trends, they use the collaborative efforts of top artist to gain inspiration.
Designing for commercial, hospitality, retail and casinos, the creative options are endless.
The founding artist, Lesley Provenzano, works with the designer to create the best custom solution for the design intent…Your creativeness, your custom artwork, your idea.
  • Hand cut glass mosaics
  • Handmade in New York, New York
  • All glass is US made, local to New York
  • Limitless Custom design options
 “The possibilities with the mosaics are endless… my employees are the most creative, hard working people on the planet…and I am very lucky!”- Lesley Provenzano



Introducing Soelberg Industries: Textür3D Paneling Systems

Live in 3D. Why settle for flat surfaces and two-dimensional spaces when you can use Textür3D to bring movement, flow, excitement, and drama to any office, retail, corporate, or hospitality surface.

Textür3D consists of a durable MDF core and is available in an array of textures and 3D laminates finishes, perfect for bringing any space to life.

Textür3D Benefits:

  • Attributes up to 6 LEED credits
  • 100% Recycled Core
  • Virtually Seamless Finish
  • Minimal percentages of plasticizers (No DEHP)
  • No Formaldeyhde
  • No cadium
  • No lead or mercury
  • No azo dyes or lead-containing pigments are used.
  • Manufactured in Utah and Kentucky
  • Available in an array of solid color, wood grain, and metallic finishes
  • Easily installed with stand-offs, mastic adhesive, direct screw, or Z-Clips


Acoustigreen offers a variety of acoustical and architectural ceiling and wall tiles that are manufactured in their state of the art facility in Delano, Minnesota. Their products are designed and developed from concept for recycled and environmentally friendly acoustical properties.

Acoustigreen’s product line currently includes:

Fusion: Features a real wood veneer on our signature green friendly, ColorMatch core and is available in several stock finishes along with a variety of custom veneers.

Organtex: An acoustically absorptive material that is made from 100 % recycled wood fiber. Features a natural-textured wood fiber finish and cores in a variety of custom color options.

Synergy: Features real wood veneer on our acoustically absorptive Organtex core made from 100 % recycled wood fiber. Available in any stock finishes along with a variety of custom veneers.

  • Available for flat, curved, linear, grilles, micro-perforated, audition or custom wood profiles and finishes
  • Source material is 100% recycled fiber
  • Material sourced locally in Minnesota & Wisconsin
  • Formaldehyde free & urea-formaldehyde free materials
  • Finishes are 100% waterborne, non-off gassing, low VOC content
  • Class A conforming fire resistance
  • Available in over 500+ 3M Di-Noc finishes


Featuring: Chicago Metallic

We are pleased to offer the outstanding service and lasting products of a truly great company, Chicago Metallic Corporation.

CMC is a global provider of architectural building products and services – including metal panels and ceiling systems, suspended grid systems, and acoustical and sustainable ceiling panels.  See more at: www.chicagometallic.com