Introducing ATI’s Lumisplash Lightwall

 Lumisplash Lightwall™ by Advanced Technology is a composite panel which contains LEDs as a light source unlike the typical back light utilizing a variety of constructed light boxes.

The Lumispash is produced by combining high intensity LEDs with a patented system which allows light to be transmitted uniformly

and evenly  across the surface of the panel. The low profile of the lighting panel allows us to produce units as narrow as 1” with perfectly

balanced lighting across the panel without any hot spots.

Super Slim Design


Long Lifetime

Over 70,000 hours

Maintenance Free Operation

Low Power

Lumisplash consumes 70% less energy than a traditional 75 fluorescent lamp.

Eco Friendly

Lumisplash contains no mercury of other hazardous materials.

Large Panel Size

Custom shapes can be cut.

Large size may be available.

Available with IP-67/IP-68 Rating

5 Year Warranty on Light Guide / 2 Year Warranty on LEDs

Main Material: Acrylic (PMMA)

Thickness: Varies by application

Working Voltage: 12VDC

Efficacy: 801m/W

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